MORE story reading for ya

I’ve (finally) added video links to my most recent reads at Liars’ League events (two from last year and one from last week 😊) to my story reading playlist on YouTube.  You can now get stuck into:

‘Goddess Interrupted’ by Lyndsey Croal

It’s been a really bad day for our body-hopping, time-travelling heroine – burnt alive, conjured up at a seance… but it’s about to get much, much worse.


‘The Fear’ by Emma Grae

We’ve aw been there.  A nicht oan the tiles.  Dancin shoes oan.  Tarted up like a Gregg’s donut at the front o the display.  An innocent enough wee swally – or so ye hink.  Then, a few hoor later, yer poundin heid goes: “Whit the puck did ye dae last nicht…?”


and, ‘A Profile Shot of the Country’ by Rebecca Lee

Anne sits on a beach in Honduras, slicked in tanning oil.  She’s no tourist, though – she’s an American writer, churning out content for online advertorials at $5.  But how long can the dream last?

And here’s the link!

Yup, it was months ago now, but here’s the audio from my livestream DJ set in April, freshly uploaded:

Click play to listen or click here to listen on the full webpage with tracklisting etc

I was only due to do 2 hours again but the people, they said “MORE!” and I ended up doing an extra half an hour 😛  Note to self: schedule a toilet break in future…

I didn’t get around to working out how to do fancy transitions between the songs in my DJ software but I hope the STRONG SELECTION OF CHOONS makes up for that.  (My dancing most definitely did but you only got to see that on the night 😉✨)

Thanks so much to everyone who joined!  It was another joyous evening that really lifted my spirits – much needed.

Looking forward to playing some BANGERZ in public now we’re tentatively out and about… 💥

MissLLaneEous BANGERZ! Livestream DJ set number two…

Well, I don’t know about you but my mental health’s taken a bit of a nose dive… 😑

As the last stream was so much fun, I’M DOING ANOTHER ONE 🤩


Join me for 2 hours as I dance around my room with abandon, hopefully taking you with me.

Come back inside from the cold, push back the furniture, grab your drink of choice and tell your friends…


Click here at 8:30pm on the night:

What a blast!

IT HAPPENED, and to prove it, the audio recording of my first livestream DJ set is now up online!

You can listen to it here:

…or you can click on the show title which takes you to the full webpage with tracklisting and show description.

It was a bit of a mare getting all the technical bits to work but I thoroughly enjoyed myself once it was time to go live.

Now everything’s up and running, I’m organising another date to do it all over again 😃 Next time I’ll hopefully know how to add in some fancy transitions…

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED ME!  I was expecting a handful of friends but there were way more people than expected.  Proper special evening ❤️

Webcam canny

Preparations to set myself up for voiceover work continue, including purchasing a BRAND SPANKING NEW MIC 😀 that I had the chance to deploy whilst recording another Lockdown Literature event story for Liars’ League last week.

Here I am, reading ‘BigThick and Sally’s Gnashers‘ by Emma Grae:

…which I had lots of fun recording in the sweltering heatwave!

You can find the text and mp3 of the story here and all of the other brilliant stories from the event, here.

Lockdown viewing?

Hello!  How are you all doing out there, in there…?  I hope this finds you well and relatively centred?  What a time, to say the least.

In the midst of all this, if you happen to be in the market for a bit of video viewing (have you watched enough things yet?) I’ve got a couple of bits for you, if you’re interested…

Firstly, I finally uploaded the preview performance of my show Fabled from waaay back in July 2012:

It feels like a lifetime ago…

My performance was still pretty rough around the edges at this point and not as BEAUTIFULLY HONED as it was after a whole month’s run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but this is the only filmed performance and, actually, I kinda like how shonky it is.

Please note:
-me sweating off most of my mascara as it was SO HOT ON STAGE.
-my bike bell breaking and me having to resort to clanging another prop instead to make a noise.
PLUS: see if you can work out where the soundtrack froze and the backup soundtrack had to be played instead…  I think I managed to hide my genuine panic/confusion…

And: I’ve done some more story reading for Liars’ League – this time as part of a Lockdown Special, from the comfort of my own home.  Here I am reading ‘A Space to Inhabit’ by Lyndsey Croal for their ‘Mystery and Suspense’ event this week:

A strange cloud appears outside a small Scots town… or has it always been there?

You can find the story text and an mp3 of this story reading here, all the other story videos from the night here, and the event podcast here.  It was a good night in 🙂

Other than riding the current wave as best I can, I’m continuing to set myself up for voiceover work and my little makeshift studio is coming along nicely, if slowly.  Photo evidence, at some point…

Until then, Big Love <3

Infinity and Beyond!

I had another fun night reading at Liars’ League a couple of weeks ago.

Photo: Katy Darby

Infinity and Beyond was a sci-fi-flavoured special to commemorate 50 years since the moon landings, featuring five forward-looking stories exploring the ultimate theme.

All the stories and videos are now online and you can find a podcast of the night here.

Here I am reading The Martlet, written by Abigail Lee:

Lovin’ the chosen frame for the video 😆  LOOKIN’ GOOOOD.

Flippin’ ‘eck!

I’ve only gone and finished the new version of my website!

It’s my first go at using WordPress after having built everything from scratch previously.  (Things are getting way too complicated for me to do THAT nowadays…)

I’ve also set up a Ko-fi account so you can support me and my stuff by buying me a virtual coffee once in a while, if the fancy takes you:

(Mine’s probably a de-caff…)

I read some advice a while back that your site shouldn’t be a museum of all of the things you’ve done, so I’m thinking of it more like a ‘retrospective’, as suggested by flatmate Lee 😛

I’m hoping a whizzy new site will leave me feeling keener to make more things.

I’ve already got a few up my sleeve… 😀