Bookable Acts

Lois of the Lane has so far bewildered and thoroughly amused punters at (amongst other places):

Madame Jojo’sVolupteThe Bethnal Green Working Man’s ClubThe Royal Vauxhall TavernJackson’s LaneThe ParadiseDirty DicksWhitechapel Art GalleryOffset FestivalResistance GalleryThe Betsey Trotwood, various venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe including The Bongo Club, and now she wants to entertain YOU.

There’s probably no point in stopping her…


The Box of 1,000 Dances – 3 mins
Lois comes on all DJ looking – mahoosive headphones and a heavy record box.  Cue: The Land of 1,000 Dances by Wilson Pickett.  Lois has an appropriate ‘record’ in her box for every line of the song and she knows the words pretty good too…  Includes a dash of toy saxophone and a smattering of sing-a-long-a-audience participation.  It’s fast, furious and irreverant.


Dance Fever – 4 and 1/2 mins
Lois is going to mime to Elvis Presley’s rendition of Fever – well, that’s what we think…  Instead, we get Fever interspersed with a whole host of snippets from all sorts of classic (not always classy…) popular tunes, which somehow all fit in.  It’s perfectly timed and choreographed and entirely ridiculous.
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Somewhere – 4 mins
Lois is going to mime a beautiful version of Somewhere from West Side story but the genre keeps on taking her (and us) by surprise…  From Country to Dubstep and back again with the occasional surprise backing vocal.
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Shake! – 4 mins 50 secs
Lois has a delicious slice of cake to eat but before she’s allowed to tuck in to it she needs to SHAKE, because “Who don’t shake, don’t get no cake…”.  Thus ensues much shaking to more songs with the word ‘shake’ in than you ever realised existed!  Hidden props included.
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Alive and Amplified – 5 mins 50 secs
Over 5 and a half minutes of Air Guitar!  Lots of different bits from various guitar based hits all spliced together, ultimately leading up to a Back in Black finale.  ROOOOOOOOCK!
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Photo credits, in order:
Piglicker, Moira LovellPiglicker, Johanna Spiers, Vee SmithGraeme Braidwood.


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