I think music is, hands down, ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT LIFE…
closely followed by dancing and singing along to music.

One of my favourite pastimes is (what was once making a compilation tape/cd for someone back in the day,
which has subsequently morphed into…) creating playlists.

I love working out what vibe I want to create/is needed, what tracks fit that vibe, how the music should progress and what kind of stuff the people who the list is for might dig, even if they’ve never heard the tracks before.

I’ve DJed out a couple of times so far and thoroughly enjoyed myself so I set myself the challenge of doing a livestream DJ set during Lockdown.  PROPER FUN EVENING 😝

So much fun, in fact, that I DID IT AGAIN!

I like all sorts of stuff and love coming across music that’s new to me,
whether it’s something fresh off the computer or from the back of the vaults.

If you have a Spotify account, you can sort of tune into MissLLaneEous Radio via one of my playlists:

I still like to buy music, and this is an epic playlist of tracks I aim to purchase but am enjoying streaming in the meantime.  More music is added regularly and tracks disappear once I’ve bought them.  The playlist has been going for years and is getting crazy long now.  There’s all sorts of stuff in there. Why not shuffle-play it up on the ol’ Spotify and see if any of the tunes do it for you too…?!

(I’ve also been known to occasionally write songs as well.  You can find out more about THAT – here.)


Photo credit: Meowreen Stewart