Press stuff

Ok – first review of VEGA$M‘s London run can be found here at:  There was a glorious large colour picture to go with it in yesterday’s Evening Standard which isn’t alongside the online copy, so I’ve stuck another one on today’s post 🙂

Also, in The Times today is an article on Brand X’s masterminds: Sarah Nield and Paul Garner, that’ll give you kind of an idea of where they’re coming from!  Find that here.

Aaand – I did end up being part of the Naked News interview!  The story was mainly all about Brand X so I kept in character and said nothing 😛  It’s not my brainchild – I’m just here for the ride!!  When I know the broadcast date of the interview I’ll let you know…

The Showlounge that’s not so much off the Strip as on the Slide…

Well, opening and second night went down a storm!!

The VEGA$M showlounge is well and truly open for business so drop in if you can make it.  It’s a whole different show to our Edinburgh escapade so if you saw it up there, come see us again!  All those hours, weeks, months (and a whole year in the case of Brand X!) have really paid off.

Come dressed Vegas style and have a free drink on the house 😀

Press night tonight and an interview with Naked News.  Don’t think I’ll be part of the interview which is fine by me as I wouldn’t have a clue where to look!!

Back in business

Radio silence – bad…

You can now see me in my half a second, painful, bookish glory in Filament Pictures‘ ‘Figure of Speech’, filmed for the Cobra Vision competition, here (click on ‘September’ on that page if you can’t see it straight away…)  Blink and you may miss me, but the whole thing’s worth a look.

If you think it’s the bees knees, then vote for it as your favourite of the month here (I’m guessing there’s not much time left on that one…)

Aaand – the London run of VEGA$M draws ever closer.  Expect a full on revamp!


I’ve done a bit of a mini internet trawl and come across a few online reviews for VEGA$M

Read The Stage review here

“What looks like the Scissor Sisters’ demented acid cousins present a kitsch Vegas show dripping with camp and loaded with more laughs than a fruit machine full of dogs in hats…”

…the Chortle review here

“Gawkagogo, one of the most distinctive – if not the most distinctive – comedy groups in the country, produce a typically over-the-top and twisted mouthpiece for their imaginative and artistic creations…”

…and what the punters are saying (good and bad!) here.

As well as doing the show and various cabaret gigs ( Robin Ince‘s Book Club, The Odditorium at Spank! and The Vaudeville Cabaret at The Bongo Club) we seem to have ended up performing in one of Arthur Smith‘s famous Edinburgh walks.  This year it’s Swan Lake.  Very silly and – yesterday – rather rainy, but definitely an experience for all involved – performers, punters and passers-by alike!

More soon…?

Week 2?!

Last night we had a standing ovation after the show so I thought that was well worth a mention on here 🙂

Only one review so far by a guy from The Metro who found it wasn’t his cup of tea, but this hasn’t stopped the good vibe being passed around by people who really have enjoyed it…

If you’re in Edinburgh, you can find me wandering around the Pleasance Courtyard of an evening looking something like this:

Entering my August reality

I’ve been VEGA$M-ing left right and centre for the past couple of weeks.  Props and costumes are still being made (and will probably be being made right up until we need to go on stage for our first preview – there are so many!) but the show is shaping up very well indeed.  There has been lots of giggling!  Yesterday I had possibly the biggest headrush of my life whilst painting some set.  Hehe – I’m still covered in paint today!  Back off to rehearsals/making stuff this afternoon/evening.  Think it’s our last run through tonight before we set off on Friday.  Once we’re up and running in Edinburgh I plan to post reviews, or at least links to reviews, on here, if I can nab a computer every so often.  Our first performance is a week today…

Bring out the cheese and wine…

…I’ve finished pencilling the first issue of Wet Shards!!

I need to run all the images past John and Vittoria of FoolishPeople next week, so there may be a few adjustments to be made before I start the inking, but right now I’m feeling in a bit of a celebratory mood 🙂

Rehearsals for VEGA$M are coming on apace.  More on that soon…