Ooh, it’s got a bit nippy ain’t it?


Again, lots of stuff since the last post.  The Gawkagogo Freakshow tent went down a storm in the Pleasance Courtyard at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and subsequently we’ve done a one off, massively extended version of the show, with special guests, at the infamous Barden’s Boudoir

…which also went down mightily well!

There will inevitably be more Freakshow news soon…

November beckons, and with it comes a series of private screenings of ‘Small Talk‘, the multi-award winning short film I starred in last year.  It’s being screened alongside 2 other short films – ‘The Trousseau’ and ‘Crossed Lines’ which feature friends as the lead in each.  Here are the dates, times and places:

Tuesday November 13thRiverside Studios, Hammersmith
1:30pm / 2:30pm / 3:30pm – THE TROUSSEAU
1:45pm / 2:45pm / 3:45pm – SMALL TALK
2:00pm / 3:00pm / 4:00pm – CROSSED LINES

Wednesday November 14thCurzon, Soho
6:15pm – SMALL TALK

Thursday November 15thThe Pleasance Theatre, Islington
1:30pm / 2:30pm – THE TROUSSEAU
1:45pm / 2:45pm – SMALL TALK
2:00pm / 3:00pm – CROSSED LINES

and here are the blurbs:

THE TROUSSEAU – 17min – Starring Maria Thomas
When the young British Ama learns of her mother’s death she decides to return to her birthplace in Ghana.  The women of her clan question her suitability in taking her grandmother’s place in the funeral preparations, but Ama breaks with tradition and proves them wrong, finding a means to express her sorrow.

Nominated for ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best Short Film’ at the BFM 8th International Film Festival 2006.

Screened as part of Africa in the Picture season at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2007.
SMALL TALK – 13min – Starring me
A short Black Comedy.  Madeline is an introverted telephone operator who amuses herself by making prank calls to unsuspecting Londoners passing by the phone box outside her flat.  One day she’s caught off guard when someone she calls decides to make small talk back…

1st Prize for the ‘Best Digital Film’ at the 13th International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece) 2007.

‘Best Non-Italian Short Film’ at Kaleidoshorts 2007, organised by the Italian Embassy.

‘Best Student Drama’ at the Southern Royal Television Society Awards 2006/2007.

Digital Video Practice Award for ‘Best Student Short’ at the End of the Pier Film Festival 2007.
CROSSED LINES – 14min – starring Keith Eyles
Do actions really equal consequences or is life just a lottery and can something as random as a number actually change everything?  In just a few hours Jonathan Shepherd’s life is about to change drastically in this dark tale about infidelity, hypocrisy, mixed communication, bad timing and how far someone will go to protect what they have…

Premier screening of this new film, written, directed and produced by Keith Eyles.

You can find my finely crafted e-flyer for the screenings here. If you’re interested in attending one of them, please let me know. Tickets are limited.

Before November we have ourselves Halloween.  This year I’m going to be working with Gawkagogo on their Voodoo Witchdoctor Automaton installation.  We’ll be at Torture Garden‘s Halloween Ball on the 27th and Opal Nera’s Halloween Ball at T Bar on the 31st.  Come get your diagnosis!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’ve had several Lois of the Lane gigs and have another coming up at ‘You Little Minx’ at Tiger Tiger in Croydon on the 2nd of November.  I’ve had some wonderful promotional pictures taken of her which I’ll be uploading soon, along with lots of other information, so watch this space.

Off now to go and dig out me thermals…

SHOWREEL!! (Amongst other things)

First up – my showreel is finally finished!  Huge thanks to my flatmate Jamie for having all the necessary cables and bits and bobs to set me on the right track.  The many long hours I spent sat alone in front of my computer have paid off and I’m very pleased with the final version.  So, come one, come all – witness the glory!

(I’m a bit over excited. Can you tell?)

Secondly, ‘Small Talk‘ has won some kind of award.  When I find out exactly what it was it’ll be put straight on my CV!  It was screened again on the 15th of February at the NFT as part of Eat Our Shorts.

At the end of this month, on the 23rd, I’m going to be part of Gawkagogo‘s ‘Damnation Alley’ at The Texas Chainsaw Travelling Horror Picture Show‘s 1st Birthday do at Electrowerkz.  I think there may well be some kind of facial hair involved 😀

Last week I was part of the 365 event at The Pleasance.  I found myself part of ‘Constant 2’ and ‘Ask The Experts’.

Before I go, here are some pictures taken at the Candy Box Burlesque Valentine’s Spectacular, courtesy of Cherry Bomb Rock Photography:

More pictures here.

(Did I mention that I’ve finished my showreel…?)

As the end of another year approaches…

So, I did ‘Glitch‘, all those months ago, and it went rather well!  There’s a nice quote on my Projects page (which has had a bit of an update, along with the Links page…).  When I manage to pull my finger out it shall be put on down in the Big Smoke.  More on this as and when.

Since then there has been another screening of ‘Small Talk‘ at Crypt on the Green and I found myself lost in Gawkagogo‘s Halloween maze/Haunted Fun House at Torture Garden‘s Halloween Ball and Opal Nera’s Halloween bash.  It was a long old haul but great to scare the hell out of people!

More news soon, all being well…

Not long now…

I’ve been up in Edinburgh for nearly a week.  Only a few days left until my first performance/preview.  Lots still to be done, but I’m quietly confident and rather excited!

I’ve managed to get a bit of last minute direction from Richard Hurst and he’s been spreading the good word.

Done a fair amount of badge distribution too – to keep the show in people’s heads.  I think they’re rather attractive and am rather chuffed with them!

On another note: ‘Small Talk‘ is being screened at the Portobello Film Festival this Saturday.  Click here for more info.

Right.  Back to the Festivities… 🙂


Tickets for Glitch are now on sale at the Pleasance:

tel 0131 556 6550


…should you fancy a cheeky little bit of pre-booking!

Preparations for the show are bubbling away nicely.  Still lots to do…

I have an image for the show now, kindly designed by Jae who’ll also be designing the rest of my print and a logo for me.  Keep your eyes open for this beauty amongst the myriad of posters and flyers:

Don’t think you can miss it!

On another note, there’s another screening of ‘Small Talk‘ at the Ritzy in Brixton this Friday at 10am.  Just turn up if you fancy a looksee 🙂

In computer we trust

It seems that I am putting together a last minute how-many-days-are-left?! one woman show for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I totally missed all the brochure deadlines and I’m not on sale online yet, but for your well kept diaries: the show’s called ‘Glitch‘ and you can find me at the Pleasance Dome from the 20th – 28th of August at 5:30pm.

It’s an anarchic, half-hour visual comedy in the spirit of 2003’s ‘Deeper Underground‘ that lightly skims the mirth-inducing subject of National Security.

More details to follow…

Aside from Glitching I’ve been doing a little bit of filming for a sketch show pilot and I now have a copy of ‘Small Talk‘ on DVD.  Looking into getting it online…

I haven’t got out of my pyjamas today and I haven’t eaten heartily in the slightest.  I’m taking this as a healthy sign of a project underway.  (I have cunningly forgotten my mid afternoon nap…)  Onwards and Glitchwards I go!

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where that Lois is…?

No news is good news – or something like that…

I’ve been rather slack with the updates on here, but things have been happening nonetheless.

Just finished a shoot for a music video with Jasmin Jodry at the helm.  It’s a dark and moody green screen delight with me as a victim of a Vampire of time in a soulless metropolis.  You can watch here, it in all its eerie glory:

I’ve also been a Post Production office’s Tea Lady love interest in a project for students of West Herts College in Watford, and bagged the main part in a great little short by graduating students of UCCA down in Farnham (formally SIAD) called ‘Small Talk‘, which has an Amelie / Lost In Translation feel about it according to people who’ve seen it so far.  There’s going to be a screening of ‘Small Talk‘ at the Curzon in Soho next month, and I think some more screenings following this one are in the pipeline.

When I have copies of all of these projects I’ll post a link to them/upload to the site.

Showreel here we come…?!

I’ve also had a re-jig of my News page, along with the rest of the website.  As always – let me know if something isn’t working properly as I’m doing all this on my lovely, getting on a bit now, Mac.

Should hopefully have some more exciting news in the next few days fingers crossed…