Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where that Lois is…?

No news is good news – or something like that…

I’ve been rather slack with the updates on here, but things have been happening nonetheless.

Just finished a shoot for a music video with Jasmin Jodry at the helm.  It’s a dark and moody green screen delight with me as a victim of a Vampire of time in a soulless metropolis.  You can watch here, it in all its eerie glory:

I’ve also been a Post Production office’s Tea Lady love interest in a project for students of West Herts College in Watford, and bagged the main part in a great little short by graduating students of UCCA down in Farnham (formally SIAD) called ‘Small Talk‘, which has an Amelie / Lost In Translation feel about it according to people who’ve seen it so far.  There’s going to be a screening of ‘Small Talk‘ at the Curzon in Soho next month, and I think some more screenings following this one are in the pipeline.

When I have copies of all of these projects I’ll post a link to them/upload to the site.

Showreel here we come…?!

I’ve also had a re-jig of my News page, along with the rest of the website.  As always – let me know if something isn’t working properly as I’m doing all this on my lovely, getting on a bit now, Mac.

Should hopefully have some more exciting news in the next few days fingers crossed…