Flippin’ ‘eck!

I’ve only gone and finished the new version of my website!

It’s my first go at using WordPress after having built everything from scratch previously.  (Things are getting way too complicated for me to do THAT nowadays…)

I’ve also set up a Ko-fi account so you can support me and my stuff by buying me a virtual coffee once in a while, if the fancy takes you:

(Mine’s probably a de-caff…)

I read some advice a while back that your site shouldn’t be a museum of all of the things you’ve done, so I’m thinking of it more like a ‘retrospective’, as suggested by flatmate Lee 😛

I’m hoping a whizzy new site will leave me feeling keener to make more things.

I’ve already got a few up my sleeve… 😀

Under construction


I appear to be in the midst of updating my website after a fairly long hiatus.  Please bear with me whilst I sort it all out.  Expect plenty of broken links in the meantime!

If you build it…

(excited) Argh!

So, after hours and hours and HOURS of work: I’ve just finished a major re-build of my website.

A few broken links and missing images etc to tweak but it’s pretty much there.

Phew and woo!

Proper update on all my other goings on since July last year coming up very shortly…

Fringe at the Fringe

Just a quickie.

Not long back from a brief jaunt to the Edinburgh Fringe where I ate pies, drank drink, shot the breeze and did some cabaret.  Back up there again tomorrow to do the final weekend fling.  Details of most of my gigs can be found on my MySpace Page.

Returning to The Smoke on Monday to regroup and put some more wheels in motion for my big, new, grand plan…

Take your pic

Well, it’s taken me more hours than I care to think about (I really should learn how to do all the whizzy things that my software almost certainly does or track down some freebie software that does at least one specific thing that I need…) but I have fiiiiinally uploaded my favourite photos from the photoshoot I had with Scott Hallman a couple of months back.  There are some corkers!  Take a gander at my gallery page if you fancy a nose through them.

Great use of the garden

Yesterday me and Emma sat in the Bank Holiday sun and did some more prep work for our sitcom.  We are now the proud owners of six back-of-a-dvd/television-guide type blurbs – one for each of our planned episodes.  It took some work to whittle our complicated plots down to this size whilst still retaining their quirkyness, but we got there in the end with the aid of a couple of cups of tea, some nice biscuits and a smattering of birdsong.  Now to rejig the treatment a bit and write a few short taster sections of dialogue…

On the Wet Shards front, Vittoria from FP has been trawling through Google image search as well, finding some great pictures, so the list of stuff to find gets ever smaller and the inking of issue one gets ever closer.  My deadline is the end of this month.  That really doesn’t feel very far away in the slightest…

Quality Time

Today was mainly devoted to getting on with the sit-com treatment.  I have neglected it of late, but a good few hours on it has ensured a good deal of progress.  All I can do for now has been done, and I have sent it off to be taken apart by some more knowledgeable friends of mine.  There will have to be a fair few changes I’m sure, but I’m certain that we’re on the right track.  Emma is chipping away at it all too so the mountain is looking more and more like a welcoming hill.  Crunch time is getting closer…

Site specific

The banner for John’s site went down very well 🙂 and a ‘Mark 2’ was requested, so a bit of updating was undertaken this evening and the latest version was duly sent off through cyberspace for inspection…

Darren’s site is up and running and looking rather swish!  Take a peek here


Been doing some useful work this afternoon on the Treatment for the sitcom that’s being developed by Emma Hamilton and myself.  I really wish I didn’t have to stop to eat and to get ready for work tonight – the treatment is long overdue, and I was in on a roll…