Alive and Amplified

Been beavering away over here on a new Lois of the Lane act which I’ll be performing at The Red Velvet Curtain Cult‘s ‘(Truth &) Lies’ evening at The Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club next Thursday the 19th of June.  The night’s a mask and dress up affair (dress code: Vagabonds, Butterflies, Carnival Freaks, Alter Egos, Dopplegangers, Victorian swooning ladies, Eccentric Gents, Vintage Belles, N’er do wells, Spies, Dead Poets, Faux Queens, Fake Kings, the Devil himself…) which promises: “productions and destructions, illusions and delusions and the conception of deception with performances, art, happenings, devilish delectables, oddities and conundrums galore.”.  More details here, and here’s the flyer:

After this skewed affair, I’m going to be singing Second Soprano in a piece entitled ‘Steta Speaks: The Opera’, a 6-10min piece for 9 voices – concept and text by Rachel Greaves, score by Gregory Emfietzis – at the Byam Shaw Fine Art Degree Show on Monday the 23rd of June between 6 and 8pm and then Wednesday the 25th of June between 3 and 4pm.

Then (unless anything crops up beforehand) it’ll be off to the Latitude Festival with me as The Pig-Faced Girl in the Gawkagogo Freakshow.  The Freakshow tent’s coming with us, to be pitched in what will become ‘Pandora’s Playground’, and we’ll also be headlining the Cabaret Stage on the Friday.  Lots of happy squealing from me 🙂

The Edinburgh Fringe will be waving its cheeky little hand at all and sundry after this.  I’m hopping up there a couple of times on the 9hr Coach of Joy to peddle Lois of the Lane to the masses.  Hopefully, they won’t know what’s hit ’em.  More on this when I have it…

First gig and Moosic

So, yes!  I’ve got my very first solo Cabaret gig booked 😀  You’ll find me and my new act at Tiger Tiger in Croydon on the 29th of June.  The night’s called ‘You Little Minx’ and the details are here.  It should be a fantastic evening, so dust off your glad rags one and all!  Details of my actual act are yet to be revealed, but they’ll be posted on here before the big day, if I manage to organise meself.  Rest assured that it’ll be stoopid and much fun.

On an entirely different note (cheap link Lois, cheap link) I’ve been doing a bit of singing for a band called ‘I Eat Fog‘.  You can find me doing just that for them – singing, not eating fog – here.  (You need to scroll down and click on the ‘I Eat Fog’ album – there are 2 tracks.)

On the Gawkagogo Freakshow front, all is shaping up verrrry nicely. I’ve barely lifted a finger on it yet.  I think my small part of the hard work is just about to start kicking in…

Playing away

Not long back from a day trip to Ipswich.  Travelled up there to record the violin and vocals I had come up with for Jason Ware’s ‘Pink Cake’ soundtrack.  After a fair sized helping of tube and train delay, the day went very well, and I had a lot of fun being musical in his producer’s bathroom for a few hours.  (Acoustics you see!)  I came away with a rough mix of the songs so far, and it’s all sounding great, despite being far from finished.  When they’re fully mixed and produced I will upload some of them for your listening pleasure.  Now to bed for a much needed kip…

Let them eat cake

Just got back from an afternoon in North London spent stretching my musical muscle.

Jason Ware has asked me to provide some vocals, violin and guitar on the soundtrack he’s currently putting together for his upcoming film “Pink Cake” and today was the designated day to show him what I’d come up with so far.  It seems both of us are pleased, so that’s a good start!  Should be heading into the studio in the next couple of weeks to get my contributions down.

I don’t give myself much of a chance to indulge myself musically on a regular basis, so I’m really glad of this opportunity.  When anything’s available to listen to I’ll let you know.  It’s sounding very good so far.  Jason’s a great songwriter, and he’s got some very talented people on board to record the soundtrack with him.  (I feel privileged!)  The movie looks set to be a corker too.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled…