First gig and Moosic

So, yes!  I’ve got my very first solo Cabaret gig booked 😀  You’ll find me and my new act at Tiger Tiger in Croydon on the 29th of June.  The night’s called ‘You Little Minx’ and the details are here.  It should be a fantastic evening, so dust off your glad rags one and all!  Details of my actual act are yet to be revealed, but they’ll be posted on here before the big day, if I manage to organise meself.  Rest assured that it’ll be stoopid and much fun.

On an entirely different note (cheap link Lois, cheap link) I’ve been doing a bit of singing for a band called ‘I Eat Fog‘.  You can find me doing just that for them – singing, not eating fog – here.  (You need to scroll down and click on the ‘I Eat Fog’ album – there are 2 tracks.)

On the Gawkagogo Freakshow front, all is shaping up verrrry nicely. I’ve barely lifted a finger on it yet.  I think my small part of the hard work is just about to start kicking in…