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I appear to be in the midst of updating my website after a fairly long hiatus.  Please bear with me whilst I sort it all out.  Expect plenty of broken links in the meantime!


I went on month-long road trip last Autumn with Matt and shot a short bit of footage on my phone every day.

Fiiinally edited and uploaded it and you can find it here:

Expect road, ants and some quality choonage.


The unexpected satisfaction of hoovering sand :)


That’s me hoovering sand every day for the rest of my life, then…! 😀



My little 5 pointed star pin badge came off my handbag the other day. I thought it was lost for good when I realised it was missing…

But, when I locked my bike up today I spotted it out of the corner of my eye, on the pavement, a few racks along, where I had locked my bike up 3 days previously.  It was possibly still sat right in the spot it had dropped! Woo!  What are the chances?! 🙂

One Hundred

I had the pleasure of kicking off Liars’ League‘s 100th EVENT: Hundreds and Thousands, earlier this month by reading a super succinct and melancholicly tinged 100 word story – ‘One Hundred Years’ by Joanne L M Williams.

A transcript of the story, along with all the other 100 word stories from the night, can be found here, podcast of the whole night here and video evidence below:

Here’s to the next 100!