And here’s the link!

Yup, it was months ago now, but here’s the audio from my livestream DJ set in April, freshly uploaded:

Click play to listen or click here to listen on the full webpage with tracklisting etc

I was only due to do 2 hours again but the people, they said “MORE!” and I ended up doing an extra half an hour 😛  Note to self: schedule a toilet break in future…

I didn’t get around to working out how to do fancy transitions between the songs in my DJ software but I hope the STRONG SELECTION OF CHOONS makes up for that.  (My dancing most definitely did but you only got to see that on the night 😉✨)

Thanks so much to everyone who joined!  It was another joyous evening that really lifted my spirits – much needed.

Looking forward to playing some BANGERZ in public now we’re tentatively out and about… 💥