Scary dates in my diary

Yesterday I ventured forth to Hertfordshire for a meeting with John and Vittoria of FoolishPeople.  After perusing my first sketches, having a good catch up and imbibing a good dose of caffeine, we got down to the ominous task of setting John and I some Wet Shards deadlines.  The aim is to have 2 issues published by the end of the year with another 2 finished and ready to go.  There will be 6 issues in all, and once we’ve got going, they will be published once a month.  My deadline for inking the first issue only gets closer and closer…  John and Tor will be helping track down the images I need for issue one, in between all their other goings on!

On another creative note, it looks like I’m going to be involved in a shoot for a Horror short later on this week.  More details to come 🙂

Ooh, and I’ve finally downloaded the Firefox internet browser.  It comes highly recommended so far…