My Super Situation

The Edinburgh preparations continue…

The show is now written, as of Tuesday last week, and it’s now onto casting the voices, putting together the soundtrack, finding more money, organising props, costume and rehearsals, putting together the flyer and press information and EVERYTHING ELSE!  Lots to do, but I’m very excited.

Unfortunately I’ve been mysteriously let down by the Producer I thought I had on board, so valuable time has been wasted on that front, but hopefully I’ll have someone else in the driving seat very, very soon (please).

Blurb deadlines have already past, so here’s what’s going in the Bongo Club brochure:

Enter the world of Extraordinary Girl, ordinary Jo turned Super Hero.


Following exposure to a mysterious chemical at the hands of evil genius Megalomaniac Man, Extraordinary is one of the members of the Government-funded Unstoppable 5, always ready to come to the rescue (not leaving a great deal of time for much else…).

Lois Tucker’s silent comedy creation Lois of the Lane returns to Edinburgh in this new visual comedy, following the transfer of her last show ‘Glitch’ to the British Library.  Performed to a juicy soundtrack featuring great music and larger than life voice-overs.


along with this image:

I’m playing (almost) every day during the Festival in August at 3:30pm.  Here are the dates:

5th-6th: £4
7th-16th, 18th-22nd, 24th-30th: £6.50, (£5 conc)

(Is that the sound of you writing those in your diary?  Good, good.)

Much more news on all this soon.  Now, back to work…

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