Lovely lovely new pens :)

I would love to be able to post a picture of me posing with the lovely lovely new pens that I bought today, but, alas, I do not own a digital camera or even a camera phone and I couldn’t justify having some passport photos done, so instead we have the layout of one of the pages from Issue 1 of Wet Shards.

I was a good girl this afternoon, and made a long overdue trip to the artshop to purchase my drawing materials.  (I really have no excuse now.)  When I returned home I decided that I should draw out all the page layouts in order to see more clearly what I’m dealing with.  This could be deemed as procrastinating, but in fact it’s proved very helpful, making the whole thing a bit more tangible in an odd way.  Besides, the new pens really are very very lovely, so it will be hard to procrastinate with them looking at me in the sweet way that they seem to do.  (I may have a problem, but not one that I’m worried about yet…)