Good grief – that’s a long gap in posting, even for me.

After the full on (lovely) last minute craziness of getting Fabled up to Edinburgh last year (THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE IT A GREAT EXPERIENCE!) I decided to take what has turned out to be the last year or so “off” for some much needed re-calibration of all things Lois, career and otherwise.  I muchly recommend such a course of action now and then – feeling nice and streamlined over here.  Mmm.

Suffice to say, my sights are well and truly focussed, all my percolations are ready to be harvested, or sommat, and there shall soon be new website action (again) and other online-y stuff and all of those guns ablazin’, muthaflippas.

Oh yeah.

Hopefully the next post will be on my blinging new site.

Until then!