Mini tick

Months ago John Harrigan asked me to design a banner for his website.  I put a few ideas down on paper one day back in December, and knew what direction I wanted to go in from there, but I haven’t really done anything with those ideas since.

However: little bit of time yesterday, little bit of time today, and I’ve come up with something that I think fits the remit quite well.  Will wait and see what the verdict is on banner version 1.0…

Finished, but not ready…

Well, I’ve finally finished the preliminary drawings for 3 of the characters from ‘Wet Shards’ but I can’t post them just yet.  (John wants to see them first!)  So, Tuesday/Wednesday for the first glimpse…

This is all new territory for me and I’m happy to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my progress thus far.  Here’s to more progress!


Darren Mallard very kindly took time out of his busy schedule this week to wear his official web designer hat for me.  I threw a few queries his way, he imparted some cheeky bits of code, and now LoisTucker.Net is a decidedly better place.  Thank you Darren!  He’s currently working on his own site, so when it’s up and running I’ll let you know.

I must now go and rustle up the first ‘Wet Shards’ drawings designed for public consumption.  I’ve been doodling away for weeks, but I’ve got to decide upon something solid and then get on with the first issue.  Today is the day.  When they’re done, I shall post them somewhere on the site.  Hopefully this shall happen early this evening…


The script of the first issue of ‘Wet Shards’ was emailed to me this afternoon, and I’ve just read it.


Written by John Harrigan, I am to illustrate, and what a challenge I have been presented with!  Very very excited.

Lots of drawing to be getting on with tomorrow.

Ooh – I’m all fired up!!

Let them eat cake

Just got back from an afternoon in North London spent stretching my musical muscle.

Jason Ware has asked me to provide some vocals, violin and guitar on the soundtrack he’s currently putting together for his upcoming film “Pink Cake” and today was the designated day to show him what I’d come up with so far.  It seems both of us are pleased, so that’s a good start!  Should be heading into the studio in the next couple of weeks to get my contributions down.

I don’t give myself much of a chance to indulge myself musically on a regular basis, so I’m really glad of this opportunity.  When anything’s available to listen to I’ll let you know.  It’s sounding very good so far.  Jason’s a great songwriter, and he’s got some very talented people on board to record the soundtrack with him.  (I feel privileged!)  The movie looks set to be a corker too.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled…

Welcome welcome welcome!

So here it finally is, after me wittering on about it for so long.

This blog page will be used for me to post updates on my creative work situation.  That’s the plan at the moment anyway…

If you do notice any glitches, or things that you can’t see/don’t work/look a bit squiffy on the site, then I would appreciate it if you would let me know.  This is my first venture in web design, so despite me trawling through the whole thing with a fine tooth comb, it’s highly likely I may have overlooked something.

Thank you!