We are GO for Edinburgh Fringe tickets!

I repeat:

GO for Edinburgh Fringe tickets!

Yup, the programme launch for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is today and you may now buy muchos tickets for Fabled – woo hoo!

Manic… sorry – focussed preparations for its first performance on the 10th of June at the Holloway Arts Festival are well underway and I am really looking forward to it.  So many great people involved in bringing it all together.  The voiceovers are all pretty much recorded now and a mammoth soundscape build is in the diary for Saturday for rehearsals next week.

You can buy tickets for the 10th of June here.

Have a nose at the rest of the Holloway Arts Festival programme – loadsa great stuff on.

I had great fun at the Boxing Rabbit Launch Party last week and am really relishing the crazy Fabled deadline I’m up against.