Press stuff

Ok – first review of VEGA$M‘s London run can be found here at:  There was a glorious large colour picture to go with it in yesterday’s Evening Standard which isn’t alongside the online copy, so I’ve stuck another one on today’s post 🙂

Also, in The Times today is an article on Brand X’s masterminds: Sarah Nield and Paul Garner, that’ll give you kind of an idea of where they’re coming from!  Find that here.

Aaand – I did end up being part of the Naked News interview!  The story was mainly all about Brand X so I kept in character and said nothing 😛  It’s not my brainchild – I’m just here for the ride!!  When I know the broadcast date of the interview I’ll let you know…

Back in business

Radio silence – bad…

You can now see me in my half a second, painful, bookish glory in Filament Pictures‘ ‘Figure of Speech’, filmed for the Cobra Vision competition, here (click on ‘September’ on that page if you can’t see it straight away…)  Blink and you may miss me, but the whole thing’s worth a look.

If you think it’s the bees knees, then vote for it as your favourite of the month here (I’m guessing there’s not much time left on that one…)

Aaand – the London run of VEGA$M draws ever closer.  Expect a full on revamp!

Week 2?!

Last night we had a standing ovation after the show so I thought that was well worth a mention on here 🙂

Only one review so far by a guy from The Metro who found it wasn’t his cup of tea, but this hasn’t stopped the good vibe being passed around by people who really have enjoyed it…

If you’re in Edinburgh, you can find me wandering around the Pleasance Courtyard of an evening looking something like this:

Take your pic

Well, it’s taken me more hours than I care to think about (I really should learn how to do all the whizzy things that my software almost certainly does or track down some freebie software that does at least one specific thing that I need…) but I have fiiiiinally uploaded my favourite photos from the photoshoot I had with Scott Hallman a couple of months back.  There are some corkers!  Take a gander at my gallery page if you fancy a nose through them.

Missing, presumed dead, for the month of August

Great news of the day: looks like I’m set to hit the Edinburgh Festival in a few months time with Brand X’s new show ‘VEGA$M‘!!

From past experience with Brand X I know for a fact that it’s going to be one helluva Summer in every way you can think of!

I’ll post updates as I get them, but for now – check out what you’re in store for here…

Keep on keeping on

Yesterday I had a photo shoot courtesy of Scott Hallman of Funk Vision (the company I’m doing the short Horror Film with.)  Lots of good piccies!  I’ve got several hundred of them to sift through, so it will be a while until I’ve managed to find time to choose the best selection, but when I’ve done that they shall be straight up on my Gallery page!  Will let you know when that’s done…

Wet Shards update:  Most of the pictures have now been found.  Only a handful left to get.  Fingers crossed I shall be drawing away feverishly next week…  Woo hoo!

As for today – Emma will be round in about 10 minutes so we can do some more work on our Sitcom Treatment.  Teabags are at the ready!  🙂