MORE story reading for ya

I’ve (finally) added video links to my most recent reads at Liars’ League events (two from last year and one from last week 😊) to my story reading playlist on YouTube.  You can now get stuck into:

‘Goddess Interrupted’ by Lyndsey Croal

It’s been a really bad day for our body-hopping, time-travelling heroine – burnt alive, conjured up at a seance… but it’s about to get much, much worse.


‘The Fear’ by Emma Grae

We’ve aw been there.  A nicht oan the tiles.  Dancin shoes oan.  Tarted up like a Gregg’s donut at the front o the display.  An innocent enough wee swally – or so ye hink.  Then, a few hoor later, yer poundin heid goes: “Whit the puck did ye dae last nicht…?”


and, ‘A Profile Shot of the Country’ by Rebecca Lee

Anne sits on a beach in Honduras, slicked in tanning oil.  She’s no tourist, though – she’s an American writer, churning out content for online advertorials at $5.  But how long can the dream last?