Bood Hungry and more…

Tonight is re-shoot night for ‘Blood Hungry’, a Horror short written and produced by Funk Vision (new website coming soon.  I’ll post the link when it’s done.)  in which I’m the protagonist.  The main bulk of it was shot last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but due to them inevitable technical hitches there is to be more of me being chased by meat cleaver wielding demons tonight.  Yeah!!  I should have a copy of it fairly soon and if the guys let me upload it then it’ll be somewhere on this site for a bit.

Just got some new photos printed from my current contact sheet, so there’s a couple of new headshots up on my gallery page if you wish to have a gander…

Last, but definitely not least, Vittoria of FoolishPeople has come across a site that enables you to ‘South Park’ yourself:

These are Tor’s spot on interpretations of me, John and her glorious self.  Team FP all South Parked up.  Hehe 🙂

You can find a link to the site in question here at Vittoria’s lair on the web.

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