Hello.  I’m Lois.

I’m a Hastings-based creative and performer, aiming to add to our enjoyment of life,
here on this spinning ball of rock, HURTLING THROUGH SPACE TIME.

I’m interested in consciousness, awareness, understanding and happiness.

I reckon we can spread good vibes by doing what we love*
so this is me, doing some of that, over in my corner of the internet.

Expect random bits and bobs made by me plus stuff I’ve found interesting/helpful.


Some of what’s been going on, over the years:

Trained as an actress at what was then the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama.

Wrote, produced and appeared in three solo shows, featuring my alter-ego, Lois of the Lane.

Pushed out a few silly songs.

Found myself regularly doing some story reading.




*Things I love include: visual stuff, performing, making creative connections and collaborations happen, pulling a creation out of ‘nowhere’, throwing FIERCE shapes on the dance floor, singing at the top of my voice, diving head-first into a project and making you laugh.


Photo credit: Katie Barton